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DIF – Allia Accelerator Challenge

Allia joined forces with DIF Capital Partners to support three ambitious start-ups who are passionate about solving the most pressing social and environmental challenges that we face today. This programme has now finished and we hope to run another Accelerator Challenge at some point in the future. If you are interested in our Accelerator Challenge please get in touch

The three selected start-ups were:


Appt is a tech-enabled service that helps patients to access preventative healthcare programmes that screen for long term illness and chronic diseases, saving time and money for GPs and the NHS. Read case study

Greater Change

Greater Change is a tech platform that makes it easy for people to make cashless donations direct to homeless individuals and help them in their own long-term goals such as moving closer to their support network or raising money for a rent deposit.  Read case study


GrandNanny is the UK’s first intergenerational childcare platform – recruiting and training midlife+ neighbours and connecting them with local families who need childcare support. Read case study

Applications are now closed

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The Offer

Individual expert mentoring and advisory sessions

Experienced professional team focused on your business's success

6 months of regular in-depth meetings and dedicated support

Win up to £25k cash sum

Invaluable investment & corporate relationships

Completely free support

The programme

We worked with each start-up to identify skills gaps that could be filled by the experience and insights of the DIF Capital Partners and Allia teams, setting goals and tracking progress. Each start-up received a monthly check-in with the programme manager as well as regular catch ups with expert mentors.

Each Founder and team spent significant time addressing pertinent issues and accelerating their growth strategy through a wide range of meetings and bespoke sessions with members of DIF Capital Partners.

Upon presenting back to the board at the end of the challenge, £25,000 was to be granted to either one, two or all three of the ventures based on traction achieved, progress made and engagement throughout the process.

We were pleased to announce GrandNanny was awarded £10,000 by DIF Capital for winning the DIF-Allia Accelerator Challenge, with Greater Change and Appt also being awarded £7,500 each. You can read more about the event here

Programme Sponsors

Who are DIF Capital Partners?

DIF Capital Partners are a global independent fund manager who make informed and responsible investments in infrastructure assets and companies that result in attractive returns for their investors, and a positive impact on society. They have expertise and relationships that span an exceptionally broad range of asset types and markets. Through an open and collaborative culture, they share insight, ideas, and inspiration.

Around 25 of their most experienced, diverse and engaged team members are ready to support the chosen start-ups, working closely to scale the businesses for success and create a significant positive impact.

Still have questions?

Applications have closed and the programme is underway, but if you would like any more information, please contact our programme manager, Emma Mee on 

Contact Emma, Programme Manager