We are active in Agetech projects which help housing and care providers best use technology to support healthy independent living

Ageing at home

From working with European partners on a 4-year project identifying & testing innovative products, to partnering on a UK pilot programme to test Agetech solutions in the home – we want to identify ways of providing better support and quality of life for older people to live independently at home for as long as they want.

European project

For over 4 years, we worked on the EU project SEAS2Grow with partners in France, Belgium and Netherlands to create the Agetech Accelerator. This programme supported businesses that had developed innovative products and helped test them in living lab settings. The Accelerator continues in Europe and we have gained the learning, networks and a hugely comprehensive database of agetech products and services in the UK.

UK project

Currently, we are working with one of the UK’s largest housing associations on a pilot to test Agetech solutions in general needs housing. Whilst there is a fairly proven range of products in supported housing settings such as extracare, these do not automatically translate into the regular housing sector where the majority of older people live. We will release more details once the pilot has finished, and hope to continue with future projects of this nature.

Opportunities and partnerships

Through our work, we want to test and demonstrate products and approaches which have the greatest positive impact on older people’s wellbeing and also have a strong business case for adoption by those agencies and organisations providing housing and care. Please get in touch if you are a housing association, care home operator or local authority wanting to increase your use of agetech products. Or if you are an investor or funder wishing to support this area of work or invest in business opportunities.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about our work in Agetech please get in touch.