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A small selection of the amazing ventures we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years

Our Alumni

We’ve worked with hundreds of inspiring ventures and start-ups over the years that have gone on to grow and make significant impact. Many of these started out on one of our free business support programmes, and then moved to becoming a co-worker and then having a private office in one of our centres as they have grown. Some have grown further and moved out of our centre to their own premises – and we see this as a success story, as we are proud to have played a part in their impact journey.

Here is just a small selection of the teams we are proud to have worked with:

“Allia has been with us through our journey from providing us initial mentorship through to moving in to the Cambridge centre. Not many organisations in the UK would be able to provide this level of support as your company scales up from 2-30″

Sachin Shende, Kisanhub

Allia Alumni - Corrosion Radar Logo

Corrosion RADAR

Corrosion RADAR is a revolutionary patented sensing technology enabling the early detection, monitoring and prediction of hidden corrosion in pipelines. They were on one of our early Impact Accelerators in 2017 in Cambridge and have been a growing tenant at the centre ever since.
Allia Future Business Centre - Alumni Pavegen Logo


Pavegen creates novel technology for flooring tiles that convert footsteps into off-grid energy, which has been installed over 200 times in 36 countries. They were one of our first tenants at our Cambridge centre, and received 1-2-1 business support in 2016.
Goodfind Logo Boxing Futures Logo - Allia Case Study


The social enterprise Goodfind is a directory of sustainable brands helping consumers easily find ethical alternatives to everything in one place. Alumni from our East London Accelerator in 2020, the platform supports over 600 brands, and has helped more than twelve thousand people to find an ethical product or service.
Allia Future Business Centre - Alumni Bios


BIOS is an award winning tech-for-good Cambridge start-up that has developed neural interfaces and AI that, for the first time, can read and write the body’s neural data or ‘code’ to create better, more targeted medicine. Part of our first Incubator in Cambridge in 2016, Bios were tenants at the centre for years and have grown exponentially since.
Boxing Futures Logo - Allia Case Study

Boxing Futures

Empowering young people through non-contact boxing, developing their physical and mental wellbeing. Boxing Futures took part in our business support programmes in Peterborough and were part of our vibrant co-working community for many years, before growing and getting their own premises in 2022.
Allia Future Business Centre - Alumni - Kisan Hub Logo

Kisan Hub

KisanHub connects the agri-food industry with technology – from seed to sale – with its software that simplifies how information moves through our food system. Part of one of our earliest cohorts for business support at our Cambridge centre, the company have been tenants with us for years, moving into larger offices as they grow.

“Allia matched us with incredible advisors that helped us move forward in many areas, from finance, to sales and even governance support – all great and invaluable input.”

Nohelia Rambal, Goodfind.

Allia Future Business Centre - Alumni Form the Future

Form the Future

Form the Future helps young people move successfully from education into employment, bridging the gap between students and employers. Starting out with 2 co-founders who were on one of our foundation programmes, they benefitted from other business support, and became tenants at our Cambridge centre, moving to our central Cambridge centre as they grew.

Allia Future Business Centre - Alumni Camnexus


Camnexus is an award-winning start-up developing innovation and technology transfer capabilities to reduce the inequality gap between developing and developed countries. They were part of one of our London Incubators, and then joined our Future 20 programme in Cambridge in 2019, taking up free workspace as part of the programme.
Allia Alumni - Washseat


A new concept in personal hygiene care for the millions of elderly and disabled people who have to use a raised seat in order to be able to use the toilet. Andrew, its founder, was part of Allia’s Innovation Lab in Peterborough when it first opened in 2017, and has used the facility to develop his product ever since.
Allia Future Business Centre - Alumni Disability Horizons

Disability Horizons

Disability Horizons is an online lifestyle magazine and community that aims to help disabled people live the life they choose. As part of our Future 20 programme, Allia supported the team to ‘make more positive impact for disabled people in a long-term sustainable way’. Since then Martyn has come back as guest speaker on workshops & is an influencer on LinkedIn.
Allia Future Business Centre - Alumni Wearth London

Wearth London

Wearth London is an online marketplace partnering with eco-friendly and ethical UK brands, making it easier to shop more ethically. They joined the Allia community through our Future 20 programme and have since been featured in Vogue and The Telegraph for championing British ethical brands and choice of zero waste products.