The Allia Way

The Allia Way

Work with us to build an innovation community with free business support in your local area

The Allia Way

At Allia, we’ve worked on innovative projects across the UK for over 22 years. Our focus is creating positive impact – for people, place and planet. And we can bring this to your city.

Little ideas, big impact

Watch the animated film created for us by Anglia Ruskin University students, celebrating how we work with small businesses to create great impact.

Creating an Innovation Community

Creating an innovation community​

We create an innovation community, from which businesses can be supported to thrive, grow and create jobs. Social projects & enterprises can be nurtured to reach vulnerable and underrepresented groups of people. Environmental and tech-for-good start-ups can grow and amplify their impact. Partnerships, collaborations and networks can be built. All bringing positive social and economic impact to your local region.

How do we make this work?

We work with you to find a suitable building that is available, low-cost or rent-free to us, which we can transform into a central innovation hub – providing flexible workspace and networking for local small businesses and enterprises.

Your city has an entrepreneurial culture – maybe a University town, an up-and-coming region where small businesses are emerging, or a hub for a specific industry (such as climate-focus or social innovation) – and you want to nurture this and bring in investment for its growth.

Our expertise in running business centres to fund the provision of free support programmes means we can help you to successfully build this, giving a boost to social and economic growth in your city, generating positive impact and encouraging the creation of jobs.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about how we can work with you to transform your city, please get in touch. Similarly, if you work for a council or organisation and know of a suitable building or venue, or are able to help fund our impact work, please contact us as we’d love to discuss how we can work together.