neurobox & Allia: The Journey Continues

Neurobox team

Neurodiversity experts mentor for our Impact Accelerator, continuing the neurobox & Allia story

At Allia, we confuse some people by saying we are proud when tenants move out of our centres! But when they’ve grown, developed and succeeded to the point they need a larger space than we can provide to accommodate their scaling team, we’re happy that with our support they’re moving on. neurobox is a great example of this growth.

Starting its relationship with Allia on one of our business support programmes many years ago, the company recently turned the tables and has been acting as expert mentor for our Impact Accelerator, which this time is themed around neurodiversity solutions and innovation.

neurobox is a leading workplace adjustments provider based in Cambridge. Formed in 2017 with just one person, they originally joined one of Allia’s business support programmes, before moving on to co-working at the Cambridge Future Business Centre while using our virtual office service. When they became a fully-fledged tenant, their first office was ideal for 1 person, Director Ben Lewis, to start growing the business – which was then called Dyslexia Box. Winning awards along the way, over the years the team grew and moved into a number of offices that gradually increased in size as they did – whilst they also expanded their offerings and rebranded as neurobox.

“Allia’s support for socially responsible start-ups aligned with our company values, so it was a match made in heaven when we moved in.”

neurobox works together with organisations and employees, giving them the practical tools to embed neuroinclusion into their workplace culture, policy and practices. Amongst other things, the organisation provides: bespoke manager training and coaching; workplace needs assessments; comprehensive audits of existing policy and procedures covering recruitment, onboarding, staff development, performance management, organisational culture, communication and workflow.

“7 million people of working age have a disability or long-term health condition – yet only 50% are in work. Creating a workplace which is inclusive, where we’re all able to bring our whole selves to work is vital. For a diverse workforce to flourish organisations must enhance and embrace their inclusion efforts.”

Over the past 6 months, Deborah Leveroy, Head of Consultancy & Research at neurobox has been acting as a mentor on our Impact Accelerator, an intensive programme that gives 1-1 coaching and mentoring for ventures focused on solutions and innovations around neurodiversity, together with expert advice and workshops. Their decision to mentor for Allia’s Accelerator stems from neurobox’s commitment to inclusivity and its recognition of the value that shared knowledge and experience can bring.

It’s important to support & nurture innovative ideas to create meaningful change and the Allia Impact Accelerator provides a unique platform to engage with like-minded startups and entrepreneurs who share this vision.”

Jen Watton, Head of Brand and Marketing at neurobox

We were delighted to hear how positively neurobox feel about their experience over the years with Allia, which we hope will continue and develop as they succeed further, creating yet more meaningful impact on people’s lives.

“Allia provided us with a nurturing environment where we could develop and refine our ideas. Plus being part of a community that values social impact and innovation has been incredibly motivating. The networking opportunities provided by Allia have led to valuable collaborations and partnerships, helping us expand our reach and impact.”

For more information about neurobox please visit its website at and check out details of our Impact Accelerator