Case Study


Allia Future Business Centre | Dyslexia Box Case Study - assistive technology services provider

The business

neurobox, formally known as Dyslexia Box is an award-winning inclusion management company specialising in neurodiversity, workplace adjustments and assistive technology services. We aim to reduce workplace barriers, creating accessible workplaces, and enabling neurodiversity in the workplace.

The challenge

Supporting employees with dyslexia and other conditions, neurobox was formed to provide a holistic end-to-end service for those who require workplace adjustments or assistive technology to carry out their role successfully. The workplace adjustment process is often managed by different suppliers at each different stage, resulting in a disjointed service, so neurobox was formed to avoid this confusion and frustration amongst employees and employers.

Our work removes workplace barriers, reduces workplace absence, improves wellbeing, and enables individuals to work more independently and productively. Our managed process streamlines and simplifies the process for all stakeholders, ensuring our clients can instead focus on their work and professional development.

The impact

We formed in 2017 with just one person, and originally joined an Allia business support programme. We then became a co-worker at the Cambridge Future Business Centre and used the virtual office service before becoming an office tenant. We’ve now expanded to six people and in this time, we’ve moved offices in the centre 3 times to accommodate our growth.

Being part of a community of liked-minded entrepreneurs and companies has helped our business expand. The flexibility of office space has allowed us to welcome new employees to the company while retaining a spacious and relaxing work environment.

“The Future Business Centre has supported neurobox in our business journey, not only by providing us with the ideal workspace and facilities to support happy employees, but also with the friendly Allia team that create an overall positive environment.”


Positive impact

We provide inspiring workplaces, business support and community for start-ups and small businesses so that they can grow and create positive impact.