Case Study


The business

Even is a humanitarian supplies organisation working to combat menstrual inequity. We have created one size fits all absorbent underwear that can be quickly distributed to those in need.

The challenge

We actually started out in high school. We were asked to sew reusable pads for an existing organisation; 3-4 years later, here we are! We have spent a lot of time learning about this complex issue and through developing our understanding and small-scale outreach, we’ve been through a few stages of product innovation. 

We applied for the programme because we needed legal advice and support around licensing, helping us to figure out our funding pathway. Though we have confidence in our product, there were many other areas of the business that we wanted to feel more confident about operating.  

The impact

The programme helped us to think about our core business and value. It challenged us to think about our customers and reflect on who we want them to be so that we take on people who align with our values.   

Looking ahead, we’ve partnered with another start-up and hopefully will launch the largest randomised control trials in the Menstrual Hygiene Management space. So far, health interventions research has been anecdotal, so this would be invaluable for us and the entire sector. We’re conscious that period poverty is often viewed through a feminist lens, which isn’t incorrect, but it is an intersectional issue, and we are determined for it to be recognised as such.  

Allias programme has helped us completely turn the business on its head: rethink the basics, rearrange the pieces, and work upwards again. We came out the programme with clarity and an 8-quarter game plan. We are a bit of a unique venture in a quite insular, specific market so previous programmes haven’t felt applicable so the 1×1 sessions were incredibly valuable to us!


Positive impact

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