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Bali Gold

Cocoa Farmers
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The Business

Sourcing organic and single origin 100% Cacao from Bali – we’re working with the Rainforest Alliance to support 1,000 cocoa farmers and to empower women and young farmers.

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The challenge

Over the past few years I have been researching cacao (the seed from which cocoa and chocolate are made) and other medicinal plants and in 2017 I visited Bali, where I found a community that touched my heart. The more I found out about cacao, its properties & the health benefits – the more I want it to build a business around it.

In 2020 I found that cacao ceremonies (a holistic healing practice) were becoming more popular, and saw the gap in the market. The Mayan people said ‘in times of unbalance, cacao brings peace and harmony to people’s hearts’.

I needed support to create a good structure, a website and help exploring my market as I began working with health shops, specialised places for coffee, and the cacao/chocolate industry.

The result – how the programme helped

I now have a clear vision and the steps to take my business forward, enabling me to achieve my goal, faster and in a more sustainable way. I am more confident, have explored new ideas and am starting to build my website. My businesses dreams have become more tangible, and I am more focused and empowered.

Since the programme, there has been more interest in my social media accounts and I am waiting for a sample of my new format which will allow me to reach new targets and future clients.

I believe we are having a positive impact in the community – enhancing the health and wellbeing for both body and mind, all through cacao.

A fantastic opportunity! Since completing the course, my relationships with our partners have become stronger and we are one step closer to our dream. I am now ready for the next challenge, to be part of something bigger and to take Bali Gold to the next level. I am forever grateful for Allia’s support and guidance”

Gloria Dominguez Martinez, founder of Bali Gold


Our 2021 – 2023 Cambridge & Peterborough programmes are part-funded by the European Regional Development fund.

Positive impact

We provide inspiring workplaces, business support and community for start-ups and small businesses so that they can grow and create positive impact.