Case Study


The business

ZeroBees’ goal is to accelerate decarbonisation and encourage sustainability of SMEs in supply chains.  

Our platform enables SMEs to measure and track their greenhouse gas emissions, giving recommendations and helping them set targets and commitments towards Net Zero.

The challenge

Whilst working in sustainability consulting for large corporates, I realised that there was a significant gap between Net Zero targets and the plans to achieve these. 90% of most corporate emissions sit outside of their direct control – in their value chains, and the majority of the organisations within most value chains are small and medium sized businesses. Yet corporates remain focused on the low hanging fruit; large suppliers who have resource and budget to assess their direct impacts. The reality is that SMEs are under-engaged and under-served in terms of decarbonisation, which means that corporate Net Zero targets are set to fail. ZeroBees was born to help support our SME sectors to enable decarbonisation at scale.  

The impact

The programme brought together relevant content, excellent coaching and an inspiring cohort of founders, which made for a really impactful 6 months. The supportive, nurturing and challenging nature of the programme provided perspective and allowed us to bring the focus back to the impact of our business and product, not just looking at financials. 

So far, we’ve helped SMEs set plans which will reduce emissions by over 4000 tCO2e by 2030 from our initial customers.  

During the programme we employed two additional full time staff and two interns. Our revenue has more than doubled and we now have a sales pipeline in place which will ensure our sustainability through the next phase of product build and growth.  

The Allia experience has been transformational for us. The focus on impact makes this accelerator uniquely placed to support founders who want to make a difference – focusing on us an individuals and teams first and foremost, as well as the businesses we represent. The Allia team are knowledgeable and genuinely inspirational”


Positive impact

We provide inspiring workplaces, business support and community for start-ups and small businesses so that they can grow and create positive impact.