Case Study

The Planet Life

The business

At The Planet Life we empower people to act on their eco-anxiety while promoting existing climate solutions to become widespread, adopted, and funded.

The challenge

We’re building a B2B digital platform to connect volunteers and projects, with a longer term scope of providing learning & development opportunities. This enables organisations to realise their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies through environmental and social impact, while also improving employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Our profits will be used for good – proceeds will fund education and training for underprivileged young adults. This will help them get jobs in the environmental sector and close the loop. Lots of young people have eco-anxiety, and if they are equipped with the right skills, more people are involved in creating solutions. 

The impact

The programme helped me to focus on a direction that made sense from both an impact and business perspective. The first part of the programme was incredibly valuable, in particular the value proposition, business model canvas, and metrics. Addressing the market size, total available market and serviceable available market was also very useful. 

The delivery style really clicked for me, and the structure of the workshops was easy to digest. Having someone knowledgeable take us through the topics as a cohort, step-by-step, was much better than doing it by yourself. It’s meaningful and motivating to have a team like that around.

The Allia team truly cares about what you do, the coaches have valuable opinions and insights to offer through their own personal experience or expertise on entrepreneurship. They share information with you and can relate to your context. It’s a great feeling  that Allia simply want to support you; the programmes are free and no equity is taken.   


Positive impact

We provide inspiring workplaces, business support and community for start-ups and small businesses so that they can grow and create positive impact.