DIF Accelerator Challenge​

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Address challenges & accelerate growth with bespoke sessions from the DIF Capital Partners team

Who is this programme for?

For 3 ambitious start-ups in the UK who share our passion to address the most pressing challenges, at a global or local level, through innovative and impactful solutions.

Applications are currently closed, please register your interest to be notified when applications re-open. 

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The offer

We’ll work with you over 6 months to identify skills gaps which can be filled by the experience and insights from the DIF and Allia teams. At the end of the programme, each participating enterprise will do a short presentation to the team in order to win up to £50k to contribute to identified business goals. We’ll help you set goals and track progress through:

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Paige has greatly benefited from being part of the Accelerator Challenge, and winning this prize brings us one step closer to our goal. The funding received is a huge boost on top of the support we have received from the DIF team – who have dedicated their time and expertise to support our mission. With the funding, we can complete the CE marking process for our first product, Paige Connect, and continue to work closely with braille readers.

Paige Braille team

Important stuff

Still have questions?

If you’d like more information about the programme please get in touch with the team at hello@futurebusinesscentre.co.uk or sign up to our newsletter to hear about future programmes.


DIF Capital Partners are a global independent fund manager who make informed and responsible investments in infrastructure assets and companies that result in attractive returns for their investors, and a positive impact on society. They have expertise and relationships that span an exceptionally broad range of asset types and markets. Through an open and collaborative culture, they share insight, ideas, and inspiration. Around 25 of their most experienced, diverse and engaged team members are ready to support the chosen start-ups, working closely to scale the businesses for success and create a significant positive impact.
Once you have completed the application form and we have reviewed your business, we’ll invite shortlisted candidates to an interview. Shortly after your interview, we’ll let you know whether your application has been successful.
There is no specific time commitment per week or month, but we ask the founders to be committed to the programme overall, be willing to share openly, learn and collaborate throughout. This unique opportunity is designed to enable to you to get more value the more time you put in.
We are dedicated to supporting founders and business owners amplify their impact. It’s what we do. Whether it be a local social entrepreneur or the next tech for good solution. Every venture’s work we support, goes towards our sponsors objectives of supporting a specific community or issue. Our partners are keen to see you make a difference in the world and have dedicated their resources to building out the various Allia programmes.

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