Meet Aleksandra, our new Cambridge Centre Manager

When did you join Allia? 

I joined Allia in January 2022 

What attracted you to work for Allia? 

I wanted to do something more creative and learn new skills and my previous role here as the assistant manager gave me new challenges and new jobs to deal with every day. I was so excited to land a job at Allia as I had just moved to England and this was a new challenge for me. 

How has your role as centre manager changed from your previous role? 

When I started at Allia, I was looking after the centre – I did all admin jobs, including answering phone calls, sorting out the post, setting up meeting rooms, greeting visitors, processing application forms for new co-workers and virtual offices, sending invoices, and doing end-of-month reports. In my new role as a centre manager, I deal with tenants, deal with licence agreements, and process and set up new clients, take an overview of each centre in Cambridge. I also have a lovely team to manage and work with. 

What does your role involve?  

My role varies. I look after the Future Business Centres in Cambridge, and a main part of that is to make sure our tenants are happy. I also organise events at the centres with the wider Allia team to make sure everything goes smoothly with the room, catering, signage, and welcoming new visitors. What makes my role important is to make sure tenants have suitable offices and new licences on time, I spend a lot of time trying to get new potential clients to visit Allia centres and see what we do 

My team and I always try as much as we can to help our tenants and their visitors. I also deal with our contractors and ensure that our centres are friendly and safe. When it is the end of the month, I always spend lots of time with our accounts team to deal with all invoices and payments. Another main part of my job is to run reports and analyse what Allia can do better in the future.   

What is your favourite part about working at Allia?  

It is the people who I work with – Allia staff, the tenants, and co-workers. They are such inspiring people, and it is great to work with every single one of them. 

How does Allia help to create a positive impact for people, places, and the planet?  

It is great that Allia has helped so many start-ups and small businesses to grow and develop. The best positive impact that Allia has done, in my opinion are the modular homes project for homeless people. Allia’s programme team helps to create a great place in our centre with free support for local businesses and start-ups. Small businesses come to Allia with the hope of growing and creating more positive impact. Allia is always open to everyone who wants to create and share a positive impact with others.  

What do you do outside of work?  

I am very family orientated – I spend most of my time speaking to my family back home in Poland.  And when I have free time, I like to spend time with friends and walk around Cambridge as this city is always filled with surprises! 

 Tell us something we do not know about you  

I joined Muay Thai classes. However, I do not know much as I am still learning but I can truly recommend it after a long day in the office!