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The venture

Townity is a new, online marketplace that offers local delivery within hours, not days. Our mission is to make local businesses digital journey easier.

The challenge – what inspired your venture

Townity was inspired by a gap in the market, where local businesses struggled to keep up with the giant e-commerce.

Our main challenge was marketing, plus we were concerned about tax, but the sessions covered these topics perfectly. We are still at an early stage and yet to launch our full solution, so it is good to know we have the support of the programme team behind us.

The result – how the programme helped

The programme delivered a few sessions covering marketing where we learnt how we could use social media to our advantage. We had help in focusing our energy into launching our MVP, giving us great insight into our desired market – this would not have happened without the support from the Allia team.

“Starting a business is tough and joining the Impact Accelerator programme not only helps you to focus your efforts on what matters, but also introduces you to talented individuals who will spare no effort in sharing their knowledge and helping you out.”

Mohamed Al-Shour & Samir Al-Othary. Founders of Townity

Positive impact

We provide inspiring workplaces, business support and community for start-ups and small businesses so that they can grow and create positive impact.