East London Green Business Programme

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One month of support to help you reach your sustainability goals and ‘Green Your Business’!

Who is this programme for?

For established small businesses who are looking to develop and grow into a more eco-friendly and sustainable business. Open to all types of businesses; you could be running a café, a corner shop, a local garage, florist or photography business! Participants must be living/operating in or benefiting the area of Hackney, East London.

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The offer

We aim to encourage sustainability and greater environmental focus through this one month programme tailored to help businesses learn about key climate issues and ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to incorporate sustainable business practices and support you through:

“Nothing in life prepared me for the excellent support offered freely. Allia raised my expectations, my standards and my life!”

Lucy Churchill

Important stuff

Still have questions?

If you’d like more information about the programme please get in touch with the team at hello@futurebusinesscentre.co.uk or sign up to our newsletter to hear about future programmes.


This programme is designed to help you work towards understanding your carbon footprint as a business and gain green accreditation. This programme will give you the ability to connect with like-minded business owners locally, and network with experts and mentors. It will help you gain insight into how to become a ‘Green Business’ and have a positive impact within your community and on the climate. 

Once you have completed the application form and we have reviewed your business, we’ll invite shortlisted candidates to an interview. Shortly after your interview, we’ll let you know via email whether your application has been successful.

You must be able to commit to attending, in-person and virtually, 75% of our workshops/ sessions through the one month programme. Sessions will vary depending on the topic but on average will occur twice a week. Dates for the workshops will be provided and sent to calendars as early as possible. 1-1 mentoring meetings (running throughout) can be booked by the participant so they can be worked around your schedule.  

You must be able to share metrics and Impact updates around your progress during and for at least one calendar year after the programme. After the programme you will become part of our Alumni. 

We are dedicated to supporting small business owners and founders amplify their impact and work towards becoming more sustainable. Every venture’s work we support goes towards our sponsor objectives of supporting a specific community or issue. Our partners are keen to see you make a difference in the world and have dedicated their resources to building out various other Allia programmes. 

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