BRAN Investments Accelerator Challenge​

Address challenges & accelerate growth with bespoke sessions from the Allia team supported by BRAN

Who is this programme for?

Ventures who are ideally beyond ideation stage and have built a Minimum Viable Product or prototype, tackling issues that has a positive influence on human kind and / or the environment. 

This could include ventures within Age-Tech, Homelessness, Financial Inclusion, and Climate Change for example. Start-ups addressing other impact areas will be considered, so if you believe that you may be a good fit for the BRAN Accelerator Challenge get in touch.  


Applications aren’t currently open for this programme, but register your interest now and we will contact you when the next programme is scheduled to run.

The offer

From November 22 to January 23, the Allia team will work with you over three phases of the Accelerator Challenge. Participants will advance to successive phases depending on the suitability of the venture’s idea, stage of growth and alignment with investor criteria.  

Phase 1: Venture Foundations – Four workshops reviewing, challenging, and iterating on your venture’s fundamentals and value proposition. 

Phase 2: Pitch Perfect – Three workshops refining your pitch for investor presentation, due diligence, and engagement. 

Phase 3: Demo Day – Ventures will present to collective of investors with BRAN Investments prepared to invest up to £100k as a result of the demo day.  

Throughout these phases, ventures will receive the following:

“This challenge was of real value to me, the appt team & also our stakeholders who are interested in what we’re doing, how we’re doing it & want to see us succeed”

Hector Smethurst, founder of Appt-Health

Important stuff

Still have questions?

If you’d like more information about the programme please get in touch with the team at or sign up to our newsletter to hear about future programmes.


BRAN Investments is dedicated to helping passionate people achieve real business success. Since the late 2000s, banks have become reluctant lenders, and we’ve heard about numerous great ideas and well-run businesses unable to win the financial backing they need to grow.

BRAN want to change that. They want to give you your chance.

BRAN are a family of four with 40 years’ experience in business and property: Beena, Ram, Ashish and Nisha Goyal. They are the people behind a leading care home and property investment group.

Through BRAN Investments, they want to share their own expertise, access to our large network of knowledgeable commercial contacts and offer direct funding and access to capital to help new and promising ventures achieve more.

The application is fairly short and will include a request for your current pitch deck or business plan with a short video giving a one minute summary of your venture (taken on phone or webcam is completely fine).

  • Application due by 14th October 2022
  • Shortlisted Interviews will commence the week of 24th October 2022
  • Participating ventures announces week of the 31st October 2022
  • Programme launches 14th November 2022  

Your attendance will affect your likelihood to progress to successive phases. We understand life is dynamic and sometimes outside of our control, if you engage in good faith this will not be problem.

  • We anticipate approximately 2-3 hours per week commencing the week of 14th November 2022.
  • The programme will take a winter holiday from the week of the 12th of December until the 8th of January 2023.
  • Demo Day is anticipated to be 27th January 2023. 

*All Dates are subject to change but we are doing our best to provide as much transparency for you to plan your schedule.

The BRAN Accelerator Challenge only charges success fees upon successful funds raised. Investment is intended to be completed by end of month March 2023. Investment may be received from both BRAN and other participating investors of the Demo Day and Accelerator Challenge. The following fees apply:

Operating Fee – % of Total Investment  
Applicable to £100k invested by BRAN Investments 


Investment Success Fee 
Applicable to funds raised as a result of the Accelerator Challenge 


These fees are exclusive of each other. For example, if you raised £250k from introduced investors as a result of the challenge, but BRAN Investments did not participate in your round, then the only applicable fee is 5% of £250k.

Fees will not be charged on pre-committed money that you have already raised or on investors who have not been introduced by the Accelerator Challenge programme. 

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