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Four lessons that innovation can learn from impact

The impact field is often regarded as difficult to quantify, qualify, and monetise. Yet as more social enterprises and other purpose-driven businesses continue to emerge and shine, the fact of impact’s real success is becoming impossible to ignore. There may be specific learnings that corporate leaders can glean from the experiences of founders in the impact space. These founders are innovative thinkers who had sustainability in mind before Greta Thunberg walked.

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Allia Future Business Centre | Kate Hughes Facilities Manager at Future Business Centre Blog

Meet Kate Hughes, our Facilities Manager

Given the year we’ve just had, it’s understandable to reflect on how far-reaching the economic effects of Covid-19 and lockdown will be, particularly on business and employment. Yet despite that fact, as a Peterborough native, I’m pleased to report the fiery entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Peterborough is burning brightly, with record numbers of business registrations in the last year.

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Allia Future Business Centre | Flexible workspaces for hire - Business support

Amplify your impact with Allia’s new founder’s club

The last 18 months have caused a new kind of anxiety for small business and start-up founders. One of the key things we’ve been hearing about is a lack of engagement outside their founder ‘bubbles’. People haven’t been networking; they haven’t been chatting over coffee or meeting at the water cooler and thus have missed the opportunity to meet new contacts.

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