Meet Omadelle Charles-Bailey, our Centre Manager, Peterborough Future Business Centre

Allia Future Business Centre | Omadelle Charles-Bailey, our Centre Manager, Peterborough Future Business Centre Blog

When did you join Allia?

I started with Allia in June 2019, almost 2.5 years ago.

Has your role changed since you started here – and in what way?

It has – it’s changed twice in that time.

I started as a Centre Assistant, being on reception and building professional relationships with the tenants & visitors. This part remains, but I am proud to have quickly worked up the ladder, being promoted to Assistant Centre Manager in February 2021, and again to Centre Manager just before Christmas. I now have my own amazing team who all play a huge part in the smooth running of the centre.

Can you explain what your role involves – what you tend to do day-to-day?

*Omadelle laughs*

Wow where do I begin? Working in customer services, we have lots of responsibilities that change from day to day. A lot of time is spent dealing with customer enquiries, either internal or external. We deal with hospitality, invoicing and the daily running of the centre, attending to requests, issues and anything that is thrown our way that is needed to run the centre. To be honest, I can’t tell you what I do day-to-day as no two days are the same, which is something I like about the role.

What is your favourite part about working at Allia?

I love the team and the unpredictability of the days (but in a good way). The centre has a friendly and approachable atmosphere and it is just a nice environment to be in.

I am a busy mother, with 2 handsome young boys, working full time, so I like that the centre is close to home!

But most importantly, I like what Allia represents. To be able to work with a company that focuses on impact and helping to create impact is really important to me.

How do you feel Allia helps to create positive impact for people, place and planet?

I think the biggest way Allia helps to create this is through its programmes. They are a great steppingstone for companies that need the help and support to grow. Similarly, our centres support small businesses through flexible workspace plus enabling networking & bringing opportunities through the friendly community environment.

Our tenants vary from social ventures and charities like Scope, to tech and engineering companies like EnerTherm Engineering. The atmosphere in the centre is very friendly and it’s a really welcoming place to work, with people chatting and usually some laughter coming from the balcony! The café is open to the public and generally creates a ‘buzz’ of different clientele, who may be hosting little meetings, interviews or just popping in for a coffee. We also host Peterborough Jelly every second Friday of the month, where co-workers come together free of charge and work together in one of our spaces. Here they can network, share ideas and work collaboratively.

We also welcome a variety of businesses to our meeting room and event spaces. Recently we offered Peterborough Citadel Church and Community Centre free space in our conference room to host their evening choir sessions as they’d lost their usual venue. Unexpectedly, as a thank you they wanted to donate some money to a charity of our choice. We chose the Salvation Army, to support and tackle homelessness.

Tell us about what you like to do outside your 9-5

I love sight-seeing. Havana in Cuba was and still is my favourite place – I’d go back in a heartbeat.

But generally, outside my 9-5… I keep active and am a keen jogger. I love cooking (and eating!), movies and hanging out with my boys. They’re hilarious!

Tell us something that might surprise us.

When I was in my 20’s I modelled for local designers in my home country, Guyana, South America I modelled clothes at charity events for the Rotary Club of Georgetown and the Lions Club.

Allia Future Business Centre | Omadelle Charles-Bailey, our Centre Manager, Peterborough Future Business Centre Blog