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The venture

medsii is next-generation health information, using data & artificial intelligence to predict & prevent future health conditions that may be caused by individual medications. The app, medsii, provides trusted, personalised medicines news, alerts & information that is explained in a simple way & is tailored to individual users.

The challenge – what inspired your venture

medsii aims to tackle health concerns before someone needs to seek advice from a medical professional, to prevent conditions from developing or getting worse. Our challenge was that people would assume they could just Google search symptoms, and this obviously can bring up a range of results, sometimes with conflicting or inaccurate information and advice. It wasn’t until Allia’s value proposition workshop that we realised our true value – we are working proactively to address peoples’ health issues and concerns before they get symptoms and then become real problems. So now we tell people that we can give them trusted and reliable advice and information, before it becomes too late.

The result – how the programme helped

The 6 months of the programme has seen us transform as a company. Allia creates a lot of value by creating powerful impact points for founders to evolve on their journey and launch their company. Many of the workshops are really valuable (especially the Instagram marketing workshop) and the programme helps give you space to reflect and think about the bigger issues, and importantly challenges you to think differently.

Over the months we have seen our users grow in numbers. Initially we thought our app was only aimed at people who took medicines, but an increasing number of healthcare professionals now use the app for information. We think this is because we make our articles accessible to everyone, making difficult content easy to read and understand.

“Allia brings the rigour and structure of a Silicon Valley accelerator to UK Social Impact start-ups, creating powerful impact points for founders to maximise success in launching their company”.

Rav Roberts. Founder of medsii

Positive impact

We provide inspiring workplaces, business support and community for start-ups and small businesses so that they can grow and create positive impact.