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The venture

Jars of Goodness is a South American inspired, healthy pop-up business providing superfoods, like açai bowls & nut butters, plus yoga classes & workshops to emphasize the importance of a mind, body & soul approach to health.

The challenge – what inspired your venture

My journey started by simply sharing my recipes on social media – people were taking an interest in these, especially my South American superfoods recipes. Superfoods are known to be healthy but there wasn’t much information about why, where they come from, and who is behind them. I decided to share my cultural knowledge and traditions, creating a brand that delivers healthy and delicious superfoods but also creates awareness of the social and environmental issues faced by indigenous communities.

I needed a support network, a place to ask all questions and I was struggling to find a community of people in the same boat as me – juggling a 9-5 job, whilst building a business, all in the middle of a pandemic – I was a little bit stuck!

The result – how the programme helped

 The programme gave me the support network I needed, where I was able to ask questions and get the answers, whilst gaining new ideas and encouragement. It gave me a structure around different topics business owners can encounter, and I was able to launch myself into new ideas instead of being blocked by overthinking, whilst creating awareness of my story and our social responsibility with the people in the Amazon.

Being connected with other small businesses, I was able to collaborate with some of my cohort members; selling my products and planning healthy workshops.

“I can’t recommend Grow Your Business enough! Every session had something valuable to learn. The people you meet are in the same boat as you and give you a solid support network, and the team are truly passionate and interested in helping you. A great experience overall!”

Daniela Ramirez Luna. Founder of Jars of Goodness.

Positive impact

We provide inspiring workplaces, business support and community for start-ups and small businesses so that they can grow and create positive impact.