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Our programmes FAQs

Impact Accelerator and Climate Accelerator

Late pre-seed, or seed start-ups who have demonstrated traction and are addressing the most pressing local and global challenges. We welcome entrepreneurs who are looking to scale up their business with a real potential to generate jobs, growth and opportunities. We are also interested in founders who are addressing longstanding economic and social issues, especially those that have been or will be exacerbated by COVID-19. Your company must be operating in or benefiting the area of East London or Greater Cambridgeshire (Peterborough and Cambridge), or you must live in the local area. 


The programme is specifically designed with impact organisations in mind. We are intimately familiar with the challenges that both traditional start-ups and impact businesses face and have built a programme with you in mind. Our network of experts, mentors, and investors are committed to accelerating your business forward to address some of society’s greatest challenges. Our alumni have gone on to raise over £70m+ in funds to accelerate their impact. 

Once you have completed the application form and we have reviewed your business, we’ll invite shortlisted candidates to an interview. Shortly after your interview, we’ll let you know whether your application has been successful. 

The cohorts for the Accelerators are based out of East London, Cambridge, or Peterborough, with delivery conducted in-person and online based on appropriate social distancing requirements and space availability. You or your company should be able to access one of our centres in the aforementioned cities 

Yes! We have two major intakes throughout the year and are constantly looking for visionary founders who want to change the world.

You must be able to commit to attending, in-person or virtually, 75% (~20) of our workshops/sessions throughout the six-month programme. We are dedicated to following the appropriate public health guidance for COVID-19 and will maintain an ongoing awareness of the situation. Sessions will vary depending on topic but will on average occur twice per month. Dates for all workshops will be provided as early as possible, and additional one-to-one mentoring meetings (running throughout) can be virtual and scheduled at your convenience. 

You must be able to share metrics around your progress during and after the programme for at least one calendar year. 

We are dedicated to supporting founders and business owners amplify their impact. It’s what we do. Whether it be a local social entrepreneur or the next tech for good solution. Every venture’s work we support, goes towards our sponsors objectives of supporting a specific community or issue. Our partners are keen to see you make a difference in the world and have dedicated their resources to building out the various Allia programmes.  

We look for businesses that are late pre-seed or seed stage, have demonstrated traction. They should be addressing local and global challenges, and looking to make an impact on people, planet or place. Maybe you’re tackling climate change, improving health and wellbeing, or addressing food waste. If your business is making positive change, then we’d love to hear from you. 

No. We are funded by various programmes including the European Union Regional Development Fund.

Grow Your Business

Local business owners who have moved past the idea phase and are actually trading. We do require that you are located in or serve the Greater Cambridgeshire (Peterborough programme) or East London area (East London programme).

We provide 3 months of specialist support and the tools to help your local business thrive and grow. If you want to grow your business, we provide expert support to fit around your busy schedule to help you achieve growth.

What you put in is what you get out. We aren’t able to Grow Your Business unless you apply the lessons learned in workshops and throughout our one-to-ones. If you are seriously dedicated to achieving something, we will be there all the way with you to help you accelerate your growth.  

We select businesses that are doing great things in their local area – and have a strong desire to grow, and (hopefully) create employment in the long run! You should ideally be located in Greater Cambridgeshire or East London, or have the intention of serving these communities. 

We run this programme both virtually and in-person depending on which Allia Future Business Centre is closest to you! Our programmes serve the Greater Cambridgeshire and East London communities. Our centres are based in Cambridge, Peterborough, and London.  

Our programmes accept applicants approximately 3 times per year (Spring, Summer & Autumn) so keep an eye on our news and social media for applications. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with when our applications open.

You should expect to dedicate two 2 hour slots’ a week for the 3-month duration of the programme, as well as to be keen to do homework outside of this to scale up your business! The course time slots vary by location based on cohort availability.  

We would also expect you to engage with your Business Advisor at least once a month, for one hour on a one-to-one basis to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits out of our experienced business coaches! 

We welcome applications from all types of businesses – you could be running a café, a corner shop, a local garage, florist or photography business! You just need to want to grow.  

Ideation and Validation

Anyone who has an idea for a venture but doesn’t know where to start or just needs a helping hand in understanding the basics of building a business.

We would expect that you have not yet registered with any of the governmental bodies regulating the creation of enterprises, charities, and the like.

Building a venture is not easy, there are a whole host of challenges that will arise, and it helps to have someone by your side to give share an external perspective, give guidance on best practice and to help connect you with like-minded founders, mentors, and resources.

The programme is two months long and includes a series of workshops, a dedicated business advisor to help you navigate entrepreneurship, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs all building creative solutions for Peterborough, Britain, and the world!

The Allia enterprise support team will guide you through the tools and techniques to get a business idea out of your head, rapidly iterate on it and run it through some validation steps to see if it holds water. We will also give you helping hand to understand the basics of running a business.

We select applications from people with great ideas and the passion to turn them into a business. You should ideally be located in Greater Cambridgeshire area or have the intention of serving this community.

The cohorts for the Ideation and Validation programme are based out of Greater Peterborough/Greater Cambridgeshire area, with delivery conducted in-person and online based on appropriate social distancing requirements and space availability.

You should be able to access the Allia Future Business Centre Peterborough, London Road, Peterborough, PE2 8AN.

You should expect to dedicate 2-4 hours a week for the 2-month duration of the programme, except for the Minimum Viable product workshop in month 2, which will operate at a different time schedule. On occasion there will be homework tasks outside of the programme.

We would also expect you to engage with your Business Advisor to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit.

We expect you to attend at least 70% of the course content as it is critical to ensure you have a comprehensive picture of the issues entrepreneurs face.

Open to all types of ventures emerging, whether they will be regular startups, charities, social ventures, or any other vehicle you can come up with!

We would expect that you have not yet registered with any of the governmental bodies regulating the creation of enterprises, charities, and the like.


We intend to hold the majority of sessions in person at the Future Business Centre, Cambridge, as we hope the face-to-face interactions between founders will be one of the most valuable parts of the programme. If regulations change, or for any reason it is required, sessions can also be hosted online via Zoom.

There will be a session held at the same time and day each week, for 2 hours once a week. We hope this is easier to accommodate in busy diaries! The programme lasts for 3 months, so will be a time commitment of 28 hours in total.

Yes, Allia supports all sorts of impact businesses, from med-tech to local charities. If your mission for positive impact matches ours, we’d love you to apply to join us.

Our programmes are completely free, and do not take any equity. How? We are funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and in return for their generous support, we agree to report on the impacts of our work, namely jobs that you go on to create, products and services launched to the market and money you raise through investment. Therefore, we do ask for this data from you as an update every 6 months – something we’re sure you’ll be willing to celebrate with us.

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