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Creative Business Solutions Workshop

Explore ways to use creative and dynamic tools to help you transform long-standing business problems, and experience outstanding results.

Who Is The Workshop For?

  • You are ready to experience huge gains in your personal and professional life and leave behind habits that are killing your business.
  • You enjoy your business but the recurring problems really get in your way, drag you down and demotivate you.
  • You really want to get on but the pace of moving forward is painfully slow so your business almost comes to a stand-still.
  • You want to feel centred and on form all of the time but when a plan collapses you fall into deep despair and self-doubt consumes you.
  • Things feel like such a struggle at times so you go into forcing, controlling and over-thinking mode. All of this feels exhausting.

What Are The Benefits?

Your business is an extension of you, and although you may not have realised it until now, it has been highlighting and magnifying issues that need to be resolved. Now is your chance to approach these recurring problems in a dynamic and life-changing way.

Learning Outcomes

  • During this session we will explore theory and practical exercise to help you discover how to:
  • Dramatically expand your awareness to experience jaw-dropping results.
  • Strengthen and accelerate your ability to use all of your intelligence, rather than just part of it.
  • Create stable and unshakeable confidence so you maintain motivation.
  • Swiftly change your viewpoint and see problems in a more progressive way.
  • Excel and move beyond old habits that limit you and drain your energy.
  • Rapidly increase your ability to take action and embrace new opportunities.
  • Feel fulfilled and enjoy your business and the success you deserve.

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19 Nov 2019


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM






Allia Future Business Centre Peterborough, Peterborough United Football Club, London Road, Peterborough PE2 8AN, UK

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