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Environmental Policy

Allia is committed to protecting the environment through its operations, including those that take place at Future Business Centre Peterborough. As a charity that supports individuals and organisations who create social benefit, and recognising the impact of climate change and the need for people to access a clean and safe environment, we take our commitment to supporting the environment seriously.

Allia Future Business Centre Peterborough provides work and event space to local businesses and organisations and provides support to local entrepreneurs and ventures that make a positive impact on people, planet or place.

The following environmental impacts have been identified as a result of our activities:

  •         Consumption of electricity, water and other resources;
  •         Disposal of waste materials;
  •         Staff and visitor travel;
  •         Procurement;
  •         Social responsibility;
  •         Biodiversity degradation.

We are committed to working with our staff, customers, suppliers, investors, contractors, visitors, tenants, regulatory bodies and neighbours to achieve the following objectives:

  •         Meet, and where possible, exceed all environmental regulations relevant to our organisation;
  •         Reduce our electricity, water and paper consumption and keep these as low as possible;
  •         Ensure we are producing, and utilising, on-site renewables to their greatest effect;
  •         Reduce pollution and noise both locally and in the wider environment;
  •         Reduce the amount of waste material produced and reuse or recycle as much of what’s left;
  •         Reduce travel of our staff & suppliers as much as possible;
  •         Promote more sustainable forms of transport to staff & visitors of our Centre;
  •         Procure sustainable products, as far as is possible, including recycled paper and stationery;
  •         Procure ethical products, as far as is possible, including Fairtrade and palm oil-free items;
  •         Make a strong commitment and effort to supporting Peterborough’s communities and society;
  •         Improve the biodiversity on our site to support and improve the natural wildlife;
  •         Communicate our commitment to our employees, tenants and visitors to ensure that they are aware of our environmental commitments and to help them in turn reduce their own environmental footprint.

To help achieve this, Allia Ltd are working towards Investors in the Environment Green accreditation where we will:

  •         Systematically assess all aspects of our business;
  •         Set targets for measurable annual improvements;
  •         Make our progress available for independent assessment.

It is the responsibility of all employees, visitors and contractors to fully support this policy through active participation and co-operation.

This environmental policy will be displayed at all times and is openly available to all members of the public via our website –

The introduction and implementation of this policy is a commitment of Allia Ltd management and a shared responsibility with our employees. Gareth Jones has designated responsibility for day-to-day implementation of this policy.

The policy will be reviewed annually as part of the Allia’s overall environment management plan.


NAME: Caroline Hyde
POSITION: Centre Manager
PHONE: 0845 456 2432