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Creative & Cultural Futures Project - East London

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is working with Allia to provide grant funding to creative freelancers from the borough, which will be delivered alongside workshops and support focused on helping them to grow and develop their businesses.

The Creative and Cultural Futures project provides direct support to creative and cultural industry freelancers who may not have been able to benefit from previous government supported Covid initiatives.

Grant funding will be given to freelancers so that they can adapt and develop their business, plus 1-to-1 professional support in helping them identify the most effective use of this grant.

Open to all creative freelancers; you may be an artists, graphic designer, illustrator, craft person, film maker, photographer, or dancer – These are just some of the professions in this amazing space, please do not feel you need to fit into this list.


What is the Creative and Cultural Future Project? 

  • A dedicated initiative for creative and cultural freelancers 
  • Up to £1,000 in grant funding for an adaption to the freelancer’s business in order to support business resilience, training/courses, advice, certifications, equipment or materials. Examples include: 
    • Skills development for creative and cultural pursuits 
    • Trading online  
    • Marketing  
    • Employment  
    • Business plan reviews  
    • Raising finance   
    • Accounting/ Tax/ Legal 
    • Trade specific equipment/tools/ training  
    • Software 
    • Specific social media support  
    • Advertising  
    • Website development  
    • Ecommerce platform development  
    • IT training and support 
    • Membership organisation fees  
  • 1 to 1 professional support in helping you identify the most effective use of this grant and support in finding the right partner (if needed) to make it a reality. 

Who is eligible for this Project? 

Business location is in Tower Hamlets with respect to the business trading address. 

Beneficiaries will need to show that they are working as a creative and cultural freelancer (in a capacity other than as an employee) before March 2021 in a location in the borough in one or more of the cultural and creative sectors[2], and certify that such work: 

  • is in substance their sole occupation; and 
  • has been carried on for at least six months before their application 
  • Support under the Creative & Cultural Futures project must not mean that any state aid regulations in force at any relevant time with respect to the beneficiary or the beneficiary’s business is thereby infringed. 

Creative community focus

We will be working directly with the creative and cultural freelancers of the Tower Hamlets community to identify key opportunities to support, adapt, or grow their business in conjunction with the grant funding provided by Tower Hamlets Council. The business coaches at Allia will provide workshops, one to one support, and administer the grant in line with the Tower Hamlets objectives. 

Is there a deadline? 

The Creative and Cultural Futures concludes by 31 May 2022, but all funding will be available on a first-come-first-served basis from date of application.  

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will be subject to active participation in the qualification process.  


Funding will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis from the date of an application and will cover support for at least 60 selected applicants who meet the criteria. 

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