Category: Case Studies

Allia Future Business Centre | Dyslexia Box Case Study - assistive technology services provider

Dyslexia Box

Award winning assistive technology company that were on a business support programme & has been a tenant in our Cambridge centre for many years.

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Blue Smile Case Study - arts-based therapeutic support charity in Cambridge

Blue Smile

Cambridge charity offering arts-based therapeutic support to children, based at our Cambridge centre.

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Allia Future Business Centre | Help Clinic Case Study - Self-care clinic

The Helpful Clinic

Physical, mental and social health organisation that runs clinics and workshops for self-care. The clinic moved from co-working to their own office.

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Townity Featured - Allia Case Study


Local business online marketplace & delivery service; alumni from our East London Accelerator.

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Pharma Sentinel (medsii) Featured - Allia Case Study


Alumni from our East London Impact Accelerator; its app provides personalised medical news and advice.

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