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Future 20 Case Studies


Phycofeeds tackles fossil fuel consumption and waste pollution by using concentrated solar power to convert waste biomass into biofuels and fertiliser.

Banjo Robinson

Banjo Robinson is a magical, globe-trotting cat who helps increase literacy levels for children of all backgrounds. He sends real, personalised letters to children, twice a month, from exciting destinations like the Taj Mahal or the Northern Lights of Iceland.


Playphysio provides gaming solutions that transform the daily physiotherapy routines of children suffering with respiratory conditions.

Supply Change

A platform that connects social enterprises to public sector contracts to help increase their impact and put social value at the heart of public services.


Maji aims to prevent old age poverty by helping the millions of people who are not saving enough for their future to achieve financial resilience and freedom, through accessing, understanding, managing and growing their pension pots.