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Work for Good

Work for Good is helping to raise more money for charities by opening up a smarter and easier way for businesses to make charitable donations through an online platform.

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What critical problem is Work for Good addressing?

For businesses to be able to market and share with their customers and clients that they are donating to charities through a % or £ of sales, they are required by law to have a commercial participation agreement set up with the charity. Due to resource restraints, minimum donation requirements and due diligence processes it is not always possible for charities to set up individual agreements with businesses who would like to donate smaller donation values to them and charities are subsequently turning away vital funds.

How do you provide a solution to this problem?

Work for Good is an online platform which makes it easy for smaller businesses to donate to charity and helps them track donations, set targets and promote their giving. Businesses sign up, choose a charity, and start donating. The platform takes care of the legal admin too. Collectively businesses have the power to make a difference, engage their customers and inspire others to do the same.

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Decent work and economic growth

What inspired Work for Good?

Work for Good is the brainchild of Founder Rupert Pick, who was inspired to give back to the hospital staff who cared for his daughter Ottie, who was premature with genetic conditions that affect her bones and heart. When Rupert decided to donate the fees from his next workshop to the Evelina Children’s Hospital, it deeply impressed the client, it motivated his team, and it was much easier than running a marathon to raise the funds! It made him see the potential for what could happen if more businesses chose to give through their work.

Only 2% of UK charities’ income comes from businesses, compared to 43% from personal giving. If we can get just 1 in 20 of the UK’s six million SME’s to give 2 days of their revenue, it will create one £billion of new funding for good causes every year.

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