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Twipes make eco-friendly, biodegrable toilet wipes to prevent blockages and damage to our oceans

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What critical problem is Twipes addressing?

Wet wipes are a huge environmental menace. Although some claim be ‘flushable’ or ‘biodegradable’, they aren’t actually flushable at all. They block sewers, wash up on beaches and release micro-plastics in to our oceans, causing huge damage to the environment.

How do you provide a solution to this problem?

Twipes are the world’s first truly biodegradable, flushable wet wipes. They are antibacterial and while other wet wipes take a minimum of 120 days to break down in water, Twipes break down in just 3 short hours!

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Responsible consumption and production

What inspired Twipes?

With the growing environmental crisis, Twipes want to do their bit to tackle the rising incidents of fatbergs, sewer blockages and damage to our oceans. Our motto is change the product, not our behaviour.

Our key innovation is in the bio-tech of water dispersion technology – this is what allows our wipes to break down in just 3 hours! 

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