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Thinkerbell Labs

Thinkerbell Labs have developed the world’s first self-learning braille device for the visually impaired.

What impact is Thinkerbell Labs making?

We’re solving the global problem of low braille literacy among visually impaired people. Our device ‘Annie’ helps blind children learn and practice Braille by themselves, in UK as well as India.

How has the programme helped you?

The community of startups is invaluable, even just knowing the inspiring work others are doing. The experts and mentors have given some life changing advice about marketing and business development.

Can you share a lightbulb moment from the programme?

Our corporate mentor pointed out that we were much more investable than our pitch deck let on – and with a reordering of our slides to reflect the business fundamentals and priorities she helped us perfect our messaging for future investors.

“The Allia team have been super supportive and genuinely driven in creating long term value for startups. It’s a privilege working with them and to be a part of the network.” 

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