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Sutrue has created an automated suturing device to make medical stitching safer, quicker and more accurate.

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What critical problem is Sutrue addressing?

Doctors and nurses injure themselves with needles every day, potentially contracting Hepatitis B, C and HIV. Healthcare employers are obliged to prevent this from happening by safety regulations in place in the US, EU and UK. While there are many solutions for hypodermic needles, there are currently no methods for safe suturing that clinicians prefer.

How do you provide a solution to this problem?

Our hand-held suturing device provides the first automated alternative to suturing by hand, saving lives and money by making medical stitching safer, quicker and more accurate. Our Endoscopic/Robotic device expands the range of endoscopic surgical procedures and can be integrated into any robotic platform.

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Good health & wellbeing

Could you explain how the device works?

All three versions of the Sutrue devices have a ‘head’, which encloses the needle in a cartridge and automates its rotation to create a perfect stitch every time. This is achieved by the patented needle drive mechanism, which is comprised of a ‘springplate’ and a combination of gears and rollers. The ‘head’ is attached to a programmable handle (for the hand-held devices) or an endoscope/robotic interface.

The most important feature of the devices is improved safety for healthcare practitioners. They also enhance speed and accuracy, resulting in efficiency savings for hospitals and better patient outcomes

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