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Supply Change

A platform that connects social enterprises to public sector contracts to help increase their impact and put social value at the heart of public services.

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What critical problem is Supply Change addressing?

Over £280 billion is spent by the public sector on procurement. Too often work is awarded to large private businesses that can deliver low cost, but don’t focus on delivering positive impact to the communities they serve. Social enterprises struggle to access public sector contracts due to complicated procurement processes and a lack of visibility.

We hope Future 20 can help us to scale further through access to investment support and routes to market.

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Sustainable cities & communities

How do you provide a solution to this problem?

By making the process of procuring from social enterprises safer, quicker and easier. We take social enterprises through a due diligence process to ensure they are ready to work with the public sector and create profiles for them to showcase their work. Public sector buyers can then use Supply Change to find trusted suppliers to work with and invite them to bid for their tenders. The Supply Change platform is a website that hosts a directory of social enterprises. Buyers can log in to the platform and browse suppliers, and buyers are able to contact suppliers through the platform.

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