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Seedlink ensures fair prices for farmers, by providing access and financing to small-scale farmers in Malawi and formalising trade.

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What critical problem is Seedlink addressing?

Small-scale farmers in Malawi lack access to markets and financing.

How do you provide a solution to this problem?

Seedlink provides market access and financing to small-scale farmers in rural Malawi. We use a network of agents and a mobile application to reach even the most remote farmers and provide them with fair and transparent prices for their produce.

Can you explain how you use tech?

Seedlink’s unique mobile platform connects farmers to the digital world. For the first time farmers are able to build a transaction history of their sales and accept payments through mobile. Lots of farmers do not have smart phones, so interact with Seedlink via SMS and through our agents.

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Zero hunger

What inspired Seedlink?

It was when I was doing data research on agricultural flows from Africa that I saw Africa’s potential to feed the world. That, combined with growing up in Malawi and knowing the dire situation faced by farmers, led me to see a mismatch I couldn’t understand. It was then that I decided to return back to Malawi and start Seedlink.

We provide information to farmers on what they should be planting based on our forecasted demand, which means they can plant the most profitable crops

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