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By empowering enforcement and compliance, OceanMind protects the world’s fisheries. They are a team of fisheries and tech experts that are committed to increasing the sustainability of fishing globally.

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What critical problem is OceanMind addressing?

Seafood feeds 3 billion people and supports the livelihood of 12% of the world’s population; yet with 30% of the world’s fisheries overfished, and 60% fished to the limits of sustainability, food security and poverty are serious concerns.

How do you provide a solution to this problem?

OceanMind provides timely, actionable insights into compliance of fishing vessels to those who can take action, and we provide training, coaching and mentoring to help them take the most effective action.

Through the Future 20 programme we hope to connect with business mentors and funding opportunities that will allow us to take this next step, and go from having significant local impact, to having significant regional and global impact

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

UN sustainble goal 14

Could you explain how you use tech?

Insights originate from machine learning-driven analysis of satellite and vessel tracking data to identify fishing activities. This data is cross referenced with vessel identity and fishing licence information and analysed against a database of detailed fisheries rules and regulations to identify suspected non-compliance.

Machine generated insights are reviewed by our team of expert fisheries analysts, who generate intelligence reports for our clients and partners that identify the exact details of non-compliance, the risks arising, and the recommended actions to take to mitigate the risks or enact enforcement.

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