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Greater Change

Greater change helps tackle UK homelessness. They make it possible to make cashless donations direct to homeless individuals and their long term goals such as moving closer to their support network or raising money for a rent deposit.

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What critical problem is Greater Change addressing?

Homelessness in the UK and donor empathy. We are also addressing the problems with giving cash directly, such as funding addictions and not being able to gift-aid.

How do you provide a solution to this problem?

We provide a platform where donors can read about the lives of the people they are giving to. Each person on the Greater Change platform works closely with a local charity on their development goals. When the fundraising has been successfully completed, we transfer the money to the charity, and they then spend the money only on what is described in the plan to help that person out of homelessness. We also have a number of Greater Change contactless touch-points. This means that you can give directly to a homeless person’s savings goals as you shop.

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Reduced Inequalities

What inspired you to start Greater Change?

A lot of homeless outreach work we did while at university highlighted the need for direct flexible funding for individuals to help them overcome financial barriers on their way out of homelessness.

It’s extremely easy to fall into homelessness. All it takes is a short spell of misfortune and the lack of a privileged economic background

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