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Disability Horizons

Through its online community and general awareness raising, Disability Horizons breaks down societal barriers, giving disabled people a voice and feeling fully included in the world.

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What critical problem is Disability Horizons addressing?

Disabled people are a silent minority, unable to benefit from what other communities take for granted and are often overlooked by those with the power to change things for the better. The media attention on disabled people is often not user-led or defined by disabled people, and only represents a small sub-section of disabled people. The risk is that disabled people accept the limitations of their own lives, not knowing or being inspired about the solutions or successes that other disabled people have achieved.

How do you provide a solution to this problem?

Disability Horizons has been established to create a community, tackle inequality and address the issues that can limit disabled people. We offer the knowledge, tools, connection and networks for our community to thrive.

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Reduced Inequalities

What inspired you to start Disability Horizons?

Back in 2010 Srin and I, co-founders of Disability Horizons, went on an epic trip from San Francisco, to Vegas to LA. Following the success of my blog from the trip, we wanted to collate everyone’s collective knowledge of living life with a disability, and from this Disability Horizons was born.

We hope the Future 20 programme will help us make more positive impact for disabled people in a long term sustainable way

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