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BEEN London

BEEN London is a brand that is reducing plastic and fashion industry waste by turning materials that would otherwise end up in landfill into beautiful everyday accessories.


What impact is BEEN London making?

We address the problem of throwaway culture and single use consumption. We want to transform the way people see waste and use products as a storytelling tool to raise awareness of recycling and sustainable value chains. Every material used has been something else in a previous life – from leather waste to plastic bottles.

How else do you ensure your products are produced sustainably and ethically?

I aim to design things in a way that all panels are rectangular. This allows us to bring cutting floor waste very close to zero. For all of our packagina and shipping, we work with Camden Society who employee people with disabilities. Everything is also made locally in London, in a bright studio with safe working conditions, and is made by entirely by hand.

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Responsible consumption and production

What inspired you to start BEEN London?

Initially it was a brilliant BBC documentary called ‘Hugh’s War On Waste’, but also working on the Global Goals campaign with the UN and studying sustainable value chains.

It’s good for us as a society to consciously choose things made from post consumer materials

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