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Appt helps patients to access preventative healthcare programmes that screen for long term illness and chronic disease, saving time and money for GPs and the NHS.


What impact is Appt making?

We provide a facilitated service to individual GP surgeries and regional commissioners to improve the uptake of these targeted appointments and reduce the effects of health inequality.

What inspired you to start Appt?

I was working in a GP surgery and saw that all too often the urgent but not important work of day to day practice life crowded out the important but non-urgent work of preventive healthcare. I saw that this was not a problem that only affected this one GP surgery, and I wanted to pursue my idea to try and help this issue.

Appt is at a real turning point, we’re beginning to scale our reach and impact across an entire borough. This is incredibly exciting but not without its challenges!

UN Sustainable Development Goal addressed:

Good health & wellbeing

Could you explain how Appt works?

We target members of the public who are eligible for preventive healthcare programmes with tailored digital messages, and provide a frictionless way to book a suitable appointment to help maximise the uptake of these programmes that screen for unidentified long-term conditions or chronic diseases.

We use accessible digital tech (SMS or automated voice messaging) to automate the expensive and highly manual process that most GPs currently use to drive demand for these appointments. Rather than require patients to call the surgery to book, we allow patients to respond directly to these messages and book themselves into a suitable appointment that works for them.

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