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New year, new business

The age old saying, ‘new year, new you’ rings true as entrepreneurs are more likely to start a business in January more than any other month. With record numbers expected to register their new business ideas in January 2019, entrepreneurs continue to make ‘building a business’ their New Year’s resolution.  

The trend

As the job market continues to be increasingly fragmented and start-ups and Small or Medium sized Enterprises (SME) boom, many workers are now escaping the commitments of working for an established company altogether and opting for starting up their own business.

You can do it too!

If you’re thinking of starting a business, or getting your idea off the ground, need support and a fresh approach, then look no further than Allia Future Business Centres, the home of impact entrepreneurs. Our centres provide flexible workspace and a community for people to create change. Here we explain how you can keep your start-up costs down and how we can support you in the early days:

A virtual office – keeping your start-up costs low 

Thanks to digital you really can work from anywhere with smart phones, laptops and free Wi-Fi, but there is still value to be added by maintaining a professional base, that’s where a virtual office can help. A virtual office is a good place to build a start-up.

Cost Efficiency – Nothing beats having a virtual office when it comes to cost efficiency, (well, nothing except starting in your garden shed or home office of course!). It bridges the gap between home based working and professional premises, bringing the best of both worlds with minimal cost. Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about investing in furniture or other equipment!
Professional Business Address – Image is everything in today’s competitive market. There are hundreds of start-ups established every day, so staying ahead of the competition requires more than just a good product or service offering. You need to maintain a strong brand and image to attract customers and investors alike. The best part is, by having a virtual office you benefit from the prestige of a business address, at a fraction of the costs associated with serviced offices. You can work how and when you want but with the added benefits of a city business centre as and when you need it.
The Additional Services – As well as a prestigious business address, virtual offices come with a whole host of additional services for your start-up. Many packages offer professional mail handling and phone answering and free use of meeting rooms, giving you the opportunity to meet clients in a professional, stylish environment. Here at Allia Future Business Centre we have the added bonus of offering regular events, workshops and access to networks that help you grow your business.
Immense Flexibility – To stay competitive, your start-up needs to be as flexible as it can be. This includes being able to upgrade to a serviced office or have more space to use whenever necessary. Find a virtual office that also offers affordable flexible workspace and serviced office space so you will be able to expand and grow without ever having to move to a new address.
Along with the standard benefits you’d expect from a virtual office, by becoming an Allia Future Business virtual tenant, you join a community of like-minded people – working amongst businesses committed to making change.

Bootstrapping by co-working   

To help keep start-up costs low, (known as bootstrapping), our centres offer shared workspace for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. It’s for people who enjoy working for themselves but not always by themselves. You don’t have to worry about investing in furniture or other equipment, in a co-working space, everything is already set, you can just plug in and work.

Other co-working benefits include:
Improves productivity
Separates work from home
Avoids loneliness
Networking opportunities
Being part of a community
Immense flexibility

Workspace that helps your start-up grow  
Wanting something more permanent than co-working? The Future Business Centre offers a range of different types of spaces available on easy in, easy out terms with workspace that can accommodate 1-32 people, which can help to support your company as it grows and develops.
So there you have it, if you’re thinking of getting your idea off the ground, or looking for a new way of working then look no further than Allia Future Business Centre who will give you the flexibility and support you need for your start-up to grow and thrive.

Drop in for a tour, you’ll be very welcome.