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Co-working – it’s good for you!

Around the world, 1.7 million people will work in co-working spaces by the end of 2018 – and this trend doesn’t show any signs of decreasing in the future. Defined as “a self-directed, collaborative, flexible and voluntary work style”, co-working spaces are essentially affordable shared workspaces. Ideal for entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups, these spaces can offer flexibility and an affordable place to work. Some, like our Allia Future Business Centres, provide a hub for likeminded businesses and individuals to gather in, meet and collaborate.  

Growing in popularity globally, many may promise to boost your creativity and productivity, as well as offering you valuable networking opportunities. But could there be hidden health benefits as well? 

Avoiding loneliness  

Working alone can be isolating and this can affect your mood, wellbeing and ultimately your productivity. The social interaction provided through co-working answers a basic social need. Although you are working by yourself, you are surrounded by others (as well as refreshments and shared social areas). Members of co-working spaces have chosen this type of flexible working just like you, and they are more likely to be the kind of people you want to be surrounded by.  

Emotional support 

Lots of people use co-working spaces when setting up in business for the flexibility and affordability it offers, but it can be a scary time that throws up many challenges and stress. Surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers while working in a co-working space can give you the extra boost to continue pushing forward, while exchanging emotional support with your co-workers. The co-working community can be there to support you and may let you bounce your ideas around, or give you honest feedback, and is highly likely to cheer you on when you have successes to celebrate!  

Flexible hours will ease stress 

Read anything about today’s workforce and you’ll come across countless discussions and opinions about the importance of ‘work / life balance’. Running your own business presents many challenges, and not enough hours in the day is one of them, especially if you’re juggling with other responsibilities at the start! Overwork and the pressures it can cause pose a major concern for the modern worker, so many individuals and organisations are opting for flexible working hours to ease stress and find equilibrium. Co-working offers a flexibility over and above the traditional ‘9-to-5’ office hours with most spaces offering 24/7 access – ideal for people juggling their own business with other demands such as multiple jobs, study or family responsibilities.  

So, there you have it, three quick reasons why co-working is good for you! There are many other benefits too such as networking and collaboration, being part of a community, keeping costs low, and helping to separate work from home.    

If you would like to find out more about co-working, all our Allia Future Business Centres offer inspiring co-working space and flexible packages. Take a look here – or come and visit us to take a tour, you’ll be very welcome. 


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