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A professional presence when working from home

Many businesses are considering all options available for how they and their teams work, for the present time and longer term. Hybrid working – where staff work some of their time remotely, from home or elsewhere, and are based for the rest of their time within the office (where safe) – seems to be the popular choice right now. However, for some small businesses or sole traders, there is a need for even greater flexibility.

Being based at home certainly keeps overheads lower for small businesses looking to grow, without having to commit to an office rent, but how do you ensure you’re available for networking, have a professional place to meet, or can deal with phone calls and mail deliveries while busy. An option to consider is virtual office.

What is a virtual office?

It’s a business service that enables you to work remotely but enjoy the benefits of a range of business functions that you might take for granted when based at an office. This might include a registered office business address, mail and telephone handling by a professional team, and access to meeting rooms. It enables organisations to create and maintain a professional presence in a desirable business location without the need to pay rent for an actual space.

Many people chose to combine a virtual presence with co-working – so that they can work flexibly from a business setting, with that address on their business cards and web presence but keep their commitments low and with easy-in / easy-out terms.

Professional business address – having a prestigious business address with virtual office ensures your business maintains a credible and legitimate business image. You don’t have to use your personal home address for business post or on your marketing collateral. Plus, mail handling can be part of your deal, where your post can be delivered and stored for you.

Additional services – these can include phone answering from a reception team to agreed use of meeting rooms or other facilities, so that you can meet clients in a professional environment.

Having a virtual office really benefits us. We work with a lot of customers in Cambridge and spend a lot of time in the city having meetings. However, our main office and production hub is near the A1, on the other side of the county. Having the virtual office provides us with a credible Cambridge presence, and it is great to have those important face-to-face client meetings when it’s ‘at our place’ and the coffee is on us! – Christopher Smith, Vibrant Colour

“It’s great having a virtual office in Cambridge as this has allowed us to operate in Cambridge on a very flexible basis – we have the benefit of a base but the flexibility to use it as much or as little as we need to.  It has also helped us to build our networks and our customer base in Cambridge.  The team at the Allia are very friendly, flexible and it’s a great place to work.”  – Lynne Moffat, the bookkeeping department

If you’re considering a virtual office, we are currently offering 50% off first 2 months in our Peterborough and CB1 centres, get in touch:

Virtual office is one of the flexible workspace solutions offered by the Allia Future Business Centre at all of its centres.  Find out more about this, and other packages here: or contact 01223 781200