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Allia Future Business Centre | Dyslexia Box Case Study - assistive technology services provider


Award winning assistive technology company that were on a business support programme & has been a tenant in our Cambridge centre for many years.

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Blue Smile Case Study - arts-based therapeutic support charity in Cambridge

Blue Smile

Cambridge charity offering arts-based therapeutic support to children, based at our Cambridge centre.

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Allia Future Business Centre | Help Clinic Case Study - Self-care clinic

The Helpful Clinic

Physical, mental and social health organisation that runs clinics and workshops for self-care. The clinic moved from co-working to their own office.

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Allia Future Business Centre | Climate Accelerator Blog - Small Steps

Climate Action from the Allia team

Here at Allia, we talk a lot about our mission to create a positive impact for people, place and planet… But what do our team do in their personal lives everyday to play their small part in helping save the planet. After all, it’s all the small things go towards making a big difference.

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Allia Future Business Centre | 5 reasons why you should apply to Amplify Blog

5 reasons why you should apply to Amplify

Ask any founder and they will list the things that make starting a business tough – working long hours yet feeling as though you lack the time to get everything done. Not knowing where to turn for help or advice plus being so busy managing the day-to-day jobs that the strategy gets left behind. We understand. That is why we launched our Amplify programme, which we like to call our ‘founders’ club’.

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Townity Featured - Allia Case Study


Local business online marketplace & delivery service; alumni from our East London Accelerator.

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