Are you caring for an elderly person or making plans to in the future?

There is an increase in the number of people who share in the life of an elderly person. They are essential if the elderly are to remain as independent as possible whilst adapting to emotional, health, financial and practical challenges. Many carers are living some distance from the elderly person and others are finding increased contact has had an impact on their day to day pattern of living.

Caring for Elders are providing two workshops to give you the time and space to reflect on the challenges and rewards of caring for an elderly person. During the sessions you will have the opportunity to reflect on how this role is blending with the rest of your life and make plans for the future.

The workshops include practical advice, tools and techniques to improve the way you incorporate your caring  responsibility into your life. Your role as a ‘Companion Carer’  may have come about without warning  and may be  growing beyond your expectations. With increased knowledge and confidence the relationship can be more rewarding  for you and for the elderly person in your life.


Beverly Jones is a nationally recognised motivational speaker and trainer. She has personal experience of supporting  three  elderly family members alongside her roles as full time employee, spouse  and mother of three. Bev and two colleagues established Caring for Elders in 2012 to provide peer to peer support for people who provide unpaid care for elderly people – Companion Carers.  Find out more on the Caring for Elders website

The format of the workshop is based on the team’s work training staff at all levels over two decades. The workshops are designed to meet the needs of  people of all ages and experiences , including those who are not yet actively caring for  their elderly person, but recognise that they will become the first point of contact as time progresses. There is no one solution!


Delegates are invited to bring their lunch and spend 40 minutes on this topic.

Workshop 1 :  Introduction : Challenges and Rewards

Workshop 2 :  The skills and attributes that help to make the most of the relationship

Want to get involved or find out more? Contact Caring4Elders today.


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