5 reasons why you should apply to Amplify

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Ask any founder and they will list the things that make starting a business tough – working long hours yet feeling as though you lack the time to get everything done. Not knowing where to turn for help or advice plus being so busy managing the day-to-day jobs that the strategy gets left behind. We understand. That is why we launched our Amplify programme, which we like to call our ‘founders’ club’. 

So, what is Amplify?  

Amplify provides founders of impact businesses a chance to meet once a week, for 3 months. Expert led workshops drill into the details of your business to identify areas for improvement, while mentors support your own personal development in leadership. Designed for established businesses with 1+ years of revenue generation, Amplify will help you grow your business, increase efficiencies and help you to build a strong support network for the future. 

With the programme soon to be launching in Peterborough, read on to hear our top five reasons why you should apply. 

“I had a fantastic experience on the Amplify programme – as an early-stage founder, it was so helpful to have the business support and network as I develop my venture. The element that stands out the most was the community aspect. More than any other accelerator or programme I’ve done, the Amplify programme built up a strong and supportive network between members of the programme. For anyone starting an early-stage, impact-focused venture, I’d highly recommend the programme.” – Eloise Skinner, founder of One Typical Day. 

  1. Be part of an exclusive founder’s club 

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes get lonely, so we’re bringing founders together to build a supportive network and share ideas. You’ll meet weekly with like-minded entrepreneurs who are all working towards the common goal of making a positive impact. This exclusive group will not only provide a supportive and collaborative environment, but is also where ideas can be built upon and problems can be halved.  

2. Overcome your challenges 

Amplify  creates a supportive space where you can bring your challenges to the table. Our sessions encourage strategic problem solving to make complex problems feel simple. We encourage you to discuss these with your peers – who knows, someone else might be in the same boat, and the answer can be across the table!  

3. Get dedicated time to focus 

With all the day-to-day activities of running a business, it can be hard to find time to focus on the more strategic vision and planning. We make sure you have dedicated time to focus on a particular issue, and really get to grips with what your business needs.  

Our topical workshops are run by experts and cover specific areas such as curating boards of trusted advisors, hiring and developing effective teams, driving sales and giving your business a financial health check. 

4. One to one time with experts 

We have a long list of mentors and specialists from entrepreneurial backgrounds who are there to give a helping hand. If you have a specific issue you’d like to discuss, we will arrange a one-to-one coaching session with an industry veteran where you can identify and solve your challenges, plan what comes next and how you can move forward to amplify your business. 

5. Develop your leadership skills  

You’ll be building valuable leadership skills throughout the programme by cross collaborating and problem solving with both the Allia team and the other founders, as well as getting expert tips from the coaches and mentors. Focused strategic thinking time provides clarity for you to lead and grow your business in an organised way. 

If we’ve sparked your interest, why not read more about the Amplify programme and apply at our webpage here: futurebusinesscentre.co.uk/amplify 

Make sure to get your applications in before the 31st May! If you have any further questions that you’d like to ask the team, please get in touch at hello@futurebusinesscentre.co.uk


Amplify in Peterborough is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.