The Future Business Centre Cambridge an Allia innovation.

Allia is a charity that supports social ventures – organisations that are dedicated to making a positive social impact. We provide business support, work space and finance solutions to help social ventures start up, grow and create social benefit.

The Centre is run by Caroline Hyde, Centre Director with support from an operations team (see below).

An Advisory Board assist in steering the direction of the Future Business Centre. A full list of members and funders are shown here.


Caroline Hyde, Centre Director

E: T: 01223 781201 LinkedIn profile







SusieSusie Halksworth, Head of Operations

T: 01223 781202






Christine Nottage, Operations Manager

E: T: 01223 781203







Neil Prem, Social Enterprise Business Advisor

E: T: 01223 781208







Paul Hughes, Cleantech Business Advisor

E: T: 01223 781209

Paul Hughes






Joanna Gabryel, Reception Team

E: T: 01223 781205







Rukshana Jaman, Reception Team

E: T: 01223 781206





Susan Leo, Admin Support

E: T: 01223 781308







Peter Webb, Facilities Manager

E: T: 01223 781200